The proven, unique technology using lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology is extremely safe and reliable, with stable cells that have higher discharge current and do not explode under extreme conditions, even in road traffic accidents. Because of their compact size and nature, we are able to set the battery packs around the chassis with no loss of floor space, or compromising of cab, rear and side door accessibility. This also enables the packs to be swapped easily; making the vehicles future-proof!

So how is it different?

This technology enables extremely quick charging times, with an initial full charge of 6 hours giving 120 miles (200km) driving. Battery top-ups can be achieved in a hour whilst your driver is on a break, enabling an increased range in the day. These top up facilities enable double shift usage if required, maximising vehicle utilisation and productivity opportunities. This style of charging will not compromise battery life or effectiveness. Batteries are warranted for a 7 year life. Top speed is limited to 56mph, plenty fast enough to get around! 
With minimal maintenance and down-time requirements, vehicle-off-road time is not a concern either, as with no service intervals on the engine to worry about, and less wear on sacrificial parts (e.g. brakes and tyres) whole-life running costs are considerably reduced.
Electric vehicles offer a further range of benefits to operators, namely zero carbon emissions, zero noise pollution, zero road fund license, zero tachograph requirements and zero London Congestion Charges and LEZ concerns.


Because we are able to offer a range of chassis cabs from 3.5t to 12t and replace the engines and gearboxes with our own power-train technology; we are able to offer increased flexible options to deliver ideal payloads for your operation.