With the immense increase in demand for environmental passenger transport systems, Zeroed are pleased to announce our new range of Minitrams.

The bulk of modern environmental solutions involve either hybrid diesel/electric vehicles or expensive cables, tracks and power distribution systems needing to be built and financed; with the inevitable disruption and upheaval to the city centre. The former is a compromise, the latter results in narrower roads and pavements.

Our solution is instant, requiring no expensive infrastructure changes to the street system, as these silent, clean vehicles run on existing roads or in pedestrian areas. Utilising the very latest global battery technology, these Zero emission, Zero noise polluting vehicles offer up to 100+ miles between charges and super-fast 1 hour recharging.

As an alternative to noisy and dirty buses some cities have opted for traditional rail trams. Unfortunately, huge capital expenditure is inevitably required;  all the utility services underground need to be moved, unsightly overhead cables erected,  rails embedded, roads widened and cars diverted to accomodate the extra lane required.

Minitram, because of its narrow design and capability of using electronic guidance, needs only a fraction of the existing road width to happily co-exist with other road and pavement users; and only a fraction of the massive outlay to provide modern, clean and pleasant urban bus services.

Minitram, from Zeroed; - the environmental, affordable and sustainable passenger transportation system.

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