10th April 2008

On show were 3 urban delivery vehicles and a tram which has been operating successfully in Stratford-on-Avon in the UK Midlands.

The 4 vehicles are a solution to requirements of beleaguered diesel-engine vehicle operators. With the increasing costs of fuel, excise duty, RFL, coupled with LEZ and Congestion Charges in the capital, operating in UK cities has been getting very expensive for transport operators.

Home delivery firms, supermarkets,and builders' merchants are particularly affected. With multiple daily drops to provide the service their customers expect, along with their employers’ desire to reduce their carbon footprint,  the Fleet Directors have been turning to their suppliers for assistance.

As Martin James, MD of VMS (Fleet Management) Ltd (one of the 3 stakeholders in Zeroed) explains, “Our existing diesel vehicle operating customers wanted solutions that we both felt weren’t out there, so we researched the market, technologies and parallel industries, evaluated the firms and products and eventually found suitable partners with the desire and foresight to develop something new. We have now developed the proposition and solution our existing customers required which is flexible and future-proof enough to expand to take in other specific and developing requirements.”

"We are delighted and astonished at the huge response we have received" continued Martin. "We knew from our research that the proposition fitted the bill, but we have been inundated with enquiries from both fleets and local authorities alike!" 

"We are currently progressing all the dozens of enquiries we received, and will be responding to them all over the next few weeks," he added.  

The vehicles will be available to order immediately, and in fact a number of orders has already been received from supermarket home delivery firms, and full time production will start in September 08.

The product is the result of the combined knowledge, expertise and innovation of the 3 stakeholder companies, leading battery technologists, specialist chassis and body builders and full fleet management provider able to offer their clients future proof technology on a variety of basis’s.

The  3 Isuzu Forwards with refrigerated bodies, in their customer liveries, were a major success, as Zeroed is able to offer vehicles in conjunction with  Isuzu from 3.5t up to 18tonnes, in a wide variety of styles, including flatbeds/tippers/cages, lutons and of course fridges.
In addition, there was great interest in the road-going tram that has just completed a successful trial in the Midlands. The Stratford on Avon tram travelled autonomously on roadways like a conventional bus and through pedestrian areas. Representatives from 2 major European cities are interested in progressing their initial interest.

“The electric driven and powered motors use lithium ion phosphate technology which, with its battery longevity and industry-leading minimal re-charge time, offers the best and most green solution today” says Mr Chris Berridge, MD of Paneltex.

Zeroed offers a viable alternative to traditional forms of urban transport by using the latest battery technology to create a range of electric vehicles designed specifically to meet the demands of modern logistic operators, whilst ensuring that we all play an active role in securing a future for generations to come.

Through bringing together proven global products and industry specialists, Zeroed has developed the most versatile vehicle for today’s urban environment, backed by a national network of service agents and bespoke advanced management systems.
Using the latest remote diagnostic and data capture facilities, Zeroed offers a solution that is unrivalled in the market for product support and on-going development.

The Zeroed range of vehicles is designed to withstand the rigours of life’s demands with consideration to those that are tasked with ensuring their delivery. Driver friendly, low maintenance and advanced technology in battery longevity and re-charge time combines to create a real opportunity for all vehicle operators to tackle the growing environmental, emission zone charging and operational cost issues currently being faced.

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