10th April 2008

Zeroed is a dynamic new company formed from 3 industry leaders in their fields to capitalise on opportunities and demands in the marketplace.

Zeroed is an exciting new venture from established and successful businesses from the fleet arena, commercial vehicle body-builders Paneltex Ltd (www.paneltex.co.uk) and commercial vehicle fleet management specialistsVMS Fleet Management Ltd (www.vmsglobal.co.uk).

Recognising the need in the industry for electric powered urban commercial transport vehicles and appreciating that existing solutions for their relevant and distinct customers was unavailable, they decided to invest in developing the best solutions for their customers' needs, both now and in the future.

They identified a need for new technology that overcame the cumbersome, un-reliable, conventional batteries that demanded overnight charging and that did not sacrifice the vehicle body capacity, accessibility, payload or operation profitability.

Using the latest and innovative technology of lithium ion phosphate batteries, with its reliable and stable cells and higher discharge current that do not explode under extreme conditions, they were able to achieve this. Because of the compact size and nature of the battery packs, they were able to set them around the chassis with no loss of floor space, or compromising of cab or body door accessibility.

This technology is currently in use in a variety of guises, although substantial development has enabled Zeroed stakeholders to steal a march on any competition globally. It enables extremely quick charging times, with an initial full charge of 4 hours*. Battery top-ups can be achieved in a hour whilst the driver is on a break, enabling enhanced range; and second shift operation if required; thus maximising vehicle utilisation and productivity opportunities. No minimal overnight charging is required to achieve a day’s work. This style of charging will also not compromise the effectiveness or 5 year plus battery life.

Regenerative braking is also a positive feature of the design, where captured energy from the braking system is fed back into the supply system ensuring that all possible efficiencies are utilised to maximise battery and transmission effectiveness.

With minimal maintenance and down-time requirements, vehicle-off-road time is not a concern either.  With no engine service intervals to worry about, and less wear on sacrificial parts (e.g. brakes and tyres) whole-life running costs are considerably reduced.

On fridge vehicles, a unique electric refrigeration system developed in conjunction with industry leader ‘GAH’ Refrigeration, offers single or dual temperature with dual evaporator systems.

Mike Fitzsimons, General Manager at Zeroed explains “As we continue to develop this exciting, yet proven technology, we know we will be supplying solutions that will enable our clients to run bigger vehicles, for longer times and distances which will benefit all of us through reducing our carbon footprints.”

Chris Berridge, MD of ‘Paneltex’ states that the strength of the new company stems from its stakeholders. “From our own trading histories, we are each able to pool years of experience, knowledge and innovation to produce a radical and sustainable solution to today’s needs, that surpasses clients' expectations and goes a long way to deliver both their green goals and operational requirements, without compromises.”

Not that Zeroed is complacent, as Mr Martin James, MD of ‘VMS Fleet Management’ points out. “Until now, legislation and taxation have been moving faster than technology and vehicle design, putting real pressures on operational profitability. Therefore, with this product, we are able to increase profitability through reduced daily operational costs, less VOR (Vehicle off Road) time through no engine servicing requirements and no RFL (road fund licence) or London Congestion Charges, and no need for the most expensive ever cost of diesel.”

When the economic advantages are coupled with the zero carbon emissions and zero noise pollution, Zeroed is confident that the future is bright, and the future is green!