29th July 2010

JJ Food Service, the London based wholesale food supplier have recently taken delivery of a 100% electric refrigerated vehicle to add to their ever expanding fleet.

The 7.5t Isuzu Zeroed vehicle, running in Enfield, is capable of 100 miles per charge ideal for the local deliveries within London and the surrounding area.


The vehicle is powered by 54 Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries with a charge time of up to 8 hours from flat, with a top speed of 80mph, although this is limited to 56mph. To further increase the eco-friendly nature of the vehicle, Zeroed have designed the JJ Foods electric vehicle using a 7 year old vehicle that had come to the end of its useful life as a diesel.



Mustafa Kiamil, Managing Director of JJ Food Service is delighted with the new Zeroed product and described it as, “A reliable, user friendly, durable vehicle with a surprisingly brisk performance that is popular with drivers”.


Mustafa went on to say, The range on a single charge exceeds that promised, and the payload is not much less than the equivalent 7.5t diesel vehicle. We are very pleased with our Zeroed vehicle and are happy to recommend the Zeroed team to others”.


JJ Food Service have announced their wish to continue to explore ways in which they can reduce emissions and become a leader in the reducing CO2.

The electric vehicle boasts numerous ways to cut the ever rising costs of running a fleet, to name but a few, congestion charge, road fund licence, and ‘O’ Licence concerns  are all exempt on an electric vehicle, in addition to enhanced tax allowances available on new electric vehicles which took effect from 1st April 2010.


For Further information, please contact:


JJ Foods

Terry Larkin 01992 701746, terry.larkin@jjfoodservice.com          



VMS Fleet Management Ltd, www.vmsglobal.co.uk,  sales@vmsglobal.co.uk or Mike Fitzsimons, Sales & Marketing Manager on 07595 082415