27th August 2009

Following demand for credible electric CV's,  very positive reviews have been received by Zeroed for their latest 5t dropside.
The compliments came from Fleet Engineers, Journalists, Dealership Managers and drivers on its recent launch in Dublin.
"For too long we have needed an exciting offering in the non Carbon Fuel using CV marketplace, and now we have it"
"This is just what we need to move the concept along"
"A pleasure to drive"
"You have a winner there!" and
"When can we have it?" were just a few of the comments in the feedback Zeroed received.

The Dropside is in Dublin at Isuzu Ireland's base, Harris Commercials on Naas Road, Dublin 12.

 Call Mark Barrett on 00 353 8799 78051 to arrange your test drive and see just how good an electric vehicle can be. 

 The 5t, 100mpd Tipper from Zeroed on its launch at Isuzu Ireland in Dublin August 09