Commercial Electric Vehicles

Zeroed.Org.UK offer a range of commercial electric vehicles, electric driven and powered urban delivery and transportation vehicles. These are particularly suitable for multi-drop transport businesses that reflect their desire to become more responsible about their carbon footprint without compromising the cost-effectiveness of their operation.

Electric Vehicles

Commercial Electric Vehicles

electric box van

electric tram

Electric Vehicles - The range of electric vehicles offered by Zeroed is designed to support all urban transportation needs, from supermarket multi-temperature home-delivery vans, builders merchants’ drop-sides/tippers and Luton box vans, to quiet, efficient and rail free trams, all with virtually silent electric engines with zero emissions. This results in clean, robust, durable, highly cost effective, non-pollutant powered vehicles on a proven range of chassis.We supply leading-edge technological transportation systems for urban vehicles that enable you to do more and cost the environment less.

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