Don't change your operation - change your fuel!

Lithium ion phosphate batteries

• Reliable, proven and stable cells             • Safe, even in an Road Traffic Accident
• Higher discharge current                           • Travel further between charges
• Compact battery packs                              • Able to use standard chassis cab bodies
• No loss of floor space                                 • More body cubic capacity than other battery technologies
• Full cab & body door accessibility          •  No loss of convenience
• Warranted for 2000 re-charges                 • 7 years+ operational life

Regenerative braking feature

• Captures & re-uses energy from the braking system
• Maximises all possible efficiencies
• Enhances transmission & battery effectiveness

No loss of Volume

• Identical body cubic capacity to diesel engined vehicles

Minimal Vehicle-Off-Road times

• Minimal maintenance and down-time requirements
• No engine service intervals
• Reduced wear on sacrificial parts (e.g. brakes and tyres)
• Considerably reduced whole-life running costs

Unique electric refrigeration system

• Developed with industry leader ‘GAH’ Refrigeration
• Offers single or dual temperature & dual evaporator systems
• Highly efficient scroll compressor based heat pump